The Shared Shutter

Tessie Wallace

June 21, 2021 Sarah Krieg
The Shared Shutter
Tessie Wallace
Show Notes

This week on the podcast we have Tessie Wallace who found photography through of all things becoming a blacksmith. We talk about her journey in photography, Instagram along with all its good and bad and so much more. For more on Tessie click here.

Wallace Metal Works is the studio Tessie and her husband have worked together at for 16 years as a welders, designers and managers. For more on the studio, click here.

To save $15 on applying as a Click Pro follow this link and enter promo code "SharedShutter."

You can find out more about Sarah's Click Photoschool Breakout, Filmmaking For Photographers.

Save money on a Soundstripe membership by entering promo code "SaveWithSarah."

If you are interested in having Sarah mentor you click here for more information.   

And if you want a bit more Dan in your life, check out his long form interview podcast Dan's Interview Show.

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Published: Jun. 14, 2021 @ 2AM Edit


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