The Shared Shutter

Aaron Jay Young

July 05, 2021 Sarah Krieg
The Shared Shutter
Aaron Jay Young
Show Notes

Aaron Jay Young is a portrait photographer based in Los Angeles and Palm Springs, Ca. His work is his passion. It is a culmination of all his life experiences - the pain, the trauma, the work he has done to find forgiveness, love, and compassion - not just for himself but for others. The process allows him to see other people, their pain, their joy, their vulnerability, and capture it authentically. It is with his camera that he takes this journey; through self-portraits and through portraiture of others.


Aaron’s workshop Inspired Portraiture co-taught with Jonny Edward will be in Los Angeles August 3rd and 4th. Inspired Portraiture will explore, in-depth, each of their respective processes, from lighting to editing, connecting to creating, for producing authentic, expressive portraits that empower and celebrate individuality.



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