The Shared Shutter

Tessa Schutz

August 02, 2021 Sarah Krieg
The Shared Shutter
Tessa Schutz
Show Notes

For the first time ever we are joined in the garage...I mean studio for our very first in person interview. We are joined by the talented producer/filmmaker/photographer and head of Kranbox production company Tessa Schutz. Sarah and Tessa talk about the joys of collaboration. We talk to Tessa about her journey, when and how she brings others others on board the team and more.

Kranbox was founded in 2013 by Tessa. What started as a part-time business quickly became a full-time production company simply through word-of-mouth. The name "Kranbox" comes from Tessa's childhood nickname, derived from her maiden name "Kranz." Kranbox has a large repertoire of video and photography work with companies such as Visit Anaheim, Travel Costa Mesa, Aeries Software, Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen, Victor School District, ACBSP, Exquadrum, NACUFS, Anaheim Resort Transportation, Karmel Shuttle, New Hope Network, Amanda Castro Band, Toyota, Nissan Canada, Off the Grid Brewery, and many others.
See them in action behind the scenes!

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